blue orbs, las vegas, USA blue orbs, las vegas, USA blue orbs, las vegas, USA


I had received a myriad of psychic messages indicating the need to travel to the United States. I don’t like rushing into these things and generally like to wait until I have received confirmation in some extraordinary way that cannot be construed as a sheer coincidence. In this instance, the clincher was when I was trying to view my home in Australia over the internet. I typed in my Australian address. Whilst waiting for images of my home to appear, without warning, a website listing New York hotels popped up.

In the lead up to my search on the internet, there had been no reference to New York at all. Nothing could have caused such a connection. I fetched my husband, explained what had happened and showed him the site. Keen to see our home on the internet, together we went through the process of entering our Australian address. Again, a site popped up with reference to accommodation in New York, we were both amazed. Familiar with the way the spirit world communicate, at this point we knew we were off to America; the trip to include locations like Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Taos, Mesa Verde, Sedona, Las Vegas and New York.

On the Las Vegas leg of the journey, I walked the strip by night, surprised by the intense presence of orbs. On a personal level, I found the energy in the area quite low and draining. I had picked up on the energy emitted by the gambling and girlie bars. In contrast, I loved the bright lights and variety of stunning hotels. Dancing water fountains and an open air pirate show at the entrance of two hotels, made for a most memorable evening. Returning to my hotel, I paused to capture a shot of a beautiful water feature. Bright blue orbs taking me totally by surprise.


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Orbs, balls of energy and light


Orbs are best described as balls of energy and light.  They vary greatly in their appearance and travel at high speed.  They present in a multitude of colours including white, yellow, orange, pink, red, green, blue, purple and in combination, like a rainbow.  Like us humans, they have a myriad of distinguishing features.  Whilst the majority of orbs appear round in shape, their shapes do vary, as seen in this book.  I have viewed images of orbs, diamond in shape, and those that resemble long squiggles, but to date, I have never captured any in that form myself.  This may have something to do with the mechanics of how each individual camera captures them.  Some are transparent and images can be seen directly through them.  They come in a range of sizes, which may reflect their proximity to the camera at the time the photograph was taken.  Orbs display other unique features like stripes, holes, comet tails, bright auras and diverse geometric patterns. 

When I see orbs with the naked eye it is best described as similar to the way that all of us see a bolt of lightning.  As lightning strikes we see a flash of bright intense light that lasts for a matter of seconds.  Orbs appear to me in the same way as little round balls of bright light; and no, I’m not seeing stars.  I view them in shades of white, pink, yellow, orange and the most striking of all are bright blue.  They can appear as tiny as pin pricks and as large as dinner plates; when the want to make a statement.  The flash only lasts a couple of seconds.  They can appear stationary or in motion, like comets that we see in the sky.  When I sense their presence it is a little like when someone enters a room.  At times telepathic communication takes place between us.

Whilst most people experience orbs in their photography at night, I also take them during the day, indoors and out, when there is rain and mist, and when the air is void of moisture.  Initially, they made their appearance to me at churches and sacred sites, now they appear everywhere, even at home.  I don’t necessarily see them first, I might just sense their presence and can request their appearance in my photography.  Quite often they get carried away, they are obviously aware of my ability to recognise them and make a point of appearing as if to say hello.  I could be totally alone in the world and know that I am never alone, as they are all around.   I am surrounded by loving beings.  Often I find them making the most of every photographic opportunity and there are times when chasing the perfect picture that I request their absence.  They are always happy to oblige.

Several years ago, I was astonished when I recognised faces appearing within the orbs.  I found this was truly amazing and my mind ran wild with all the possibilities.  Were these the faces of spiritual beings that I was seeing or were these faces indicative of the past human lives experienced here on Earth by the orbs?  From my understanding, some of these orbs have experienced life in human form here on Earth.  However, the majority are best described as far higher forms of spiritual beings like angels, archangels and those of even a far higher nature, that go all the way up in ranking to God.  Like us, they are all individuals and their roles and status vary in the big picture.